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14 May 5 Steps you Need to Take Before Implementing a Student Recruitment and Admissions Management Software

Before implementing a Student Recruitment and Admissions Management Software, Universities and Business Schools would benefit from taking these five essential steps in order to make this initiative a success across the institution:

  1. Set up the Goals for the Software with your Key Stakeholders

Get all the key stakeholders involved at the beginning of the project from higher to lower management levels, with the main objective of gathering as many insights as possible concerning the needs and expectations of each team, how staff is planning to use the new platform and take note of any additional functionalities and software integration requirements.

Once the overall goals, plan and resources have been outlined for the software’s implementation, a thorough research and comparison of available products, features and services needs to be conducted and a selection made based on the initial requirements of each team or department involved in the project.

At this stage, it is also beneficial to consider who will be the end-user of the software, which teams will oversee the data collection, migration and implementation across the University and its’ institutions.

By identifying the teams, staff and responsibilities beforehand, potential challenges and risks can be assessed, training requirements identified, and targets considered in order to ensure a successful outcome.

  1. Coach your Admissions Team in using the Software effectively

An effective implementation of your applications and admissions software will largely depend on how well prepared your staff is to use the new platform.

Many institutions fail to address the need for initial and regular training, workshops and group exercises referring to the product’s technical functionalities and capabilities, making it hard for employees to keep up with the technology and maximise its usability.

On top of staff’s training, there are other tools that employees can use to learn about the new system as they deal with the operational challenges of ongoing student applications and admissions management processes.

The product guide, also known as the manual, that includes the technical functionalities of the software, organized and indexed according to different scenarios and users, is an invaluable tool for admissions departments, as it provides in-depth knowledge on the product’s features and capabilities. University’s staff can rely on this user-guide to learn how to master the new platform at their own pace and time.

Attending online webinars regularly can also contribute to building product knowledge over time and allows the University’s staff to learn and communicate directly with the Software Engineers and Product Managers.

  1. Foster collaboration between your University’s Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions teams

Before setting up your student recruitment and admissions management software, it is crucial to align the vision for the software in the three main customer-facing departments at Higher Education institutions – i.e. marketing, recruitment and admissions.

These divisions engage with prospective students at different stages of the student recruitment journey, and share the same objective of attracting, engaging and converting prospects into enrolled students.

As these complementary departments deal with the University’s audience, the message, tone and branding should be aligned in order to fully represent the institution and consistently engage prospective students looking to apply to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The application portals and forms, the information about the University’s facilities and offerings, the communication services offered need to be designed in order to reflect a consistent brand image, message and reputation.

Furthermore, the teams would benefit from reflecting collaboratively on the data collected through the new platform for future planning, as it provides insightful information about student demographics, new market and audience requirements, communication channels, among other.

  1. Define and schedule a phased implementation of the Software

Implementing the new software across your institution can seem a dauting task, therefore Higher Education institutions usually adopt a phased implementation of the new management system.

The strategy eases the pressure of collecting the University’s data and customizing the portals, form-fills and interfaces all at once; in addition, it also provides the opportunity  for recruitment and admissions staff to get used to the new platform.

  1. Gather the data for Software Migration

One of the key prerequisites for implementing an applications and admissions management software at your University is collecting the relevant data.

Although it seems like an easy task, it is better said than done, as often universities use paper formats, the information is spread across different teams and laptops, making it extremely difficult to organize and centralize the necessary for the transition.

Preparing your data beforehand, will allow your University to save time during the onboarding process and makes it easier for team members involved in the project to access and share information.


MoveIN – The Student Recruitment and Admissions Management Software

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