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11 Feb Be Ready In 2021 For Erasmus Without Paper

In March 2019, Erasmus Without Paper (‘EWP’) was announced which stated that digitisation would become obligatory in the next Erasmus programme starting on January 1, 2021.

However, with this mandatory date coming ever closer, you may still be wondering how to digitise your Erasmus processes and just how difficult the transition will be. It may leave you apprehensive about what to do next and where you can find the help that you will need to deliver the change. We’ll review how you can adapt to these changes and adjust your own processes and tools in preparation for the digital management of the Erasmus+ mobility programme.

“The digitisation process is in full swing, and if you have not yet initiated it at your institution, it is high time to get ready for the next Erasmus programme.”
Virginia Van Der Ster, Stefan Jahnke, Daiga Kuzmane

Erasmus Without Paper in a nutshell
If you are an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) holder that organises student exchanges, the EWP Network enables interoperability and electronic exchange of data securely and efficiently.

This means that once you’ve implemented EWP, you can more efficiently manage incoming and outgoing students, sign and review their Online Learning Agreements as well as communicate with students and partner institutions.

The benefits of EWP are plentiful too. Going digital is all about improving internal process efficiency, quality, and consistency, eliminating manual steps and improving accuracy. In addition, in a world, where young people have always had instant connection, easy access to information and communication channels, they will benefit from less bureaucracy and paper-based document handling. And, with fewer barriers for students to take a mobility, it will facilitate more students navigating the process and securing an exchange abroad.

Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of the Higher Education Unit in the European Commission DG Education and Culture, explains, “Erasmus Without Paper is fundamental in making it simpler and less bureaucratic. By allowing for the exchange of various data from interinstitutional agreements to transcripts of records, it is key in creating a single point of entry for institutions and connecting different IT systems.”

What can you do next?
EWP gives you the flexibility to connect to the EWP Network no matter how you currently manage the administration of mobilities. This means that you can build on the processes that you already have in place whilst being able to transfer academic data and information from one HEI to another.

If you use MoveON
QS Unisolution is an official technology partner of the EWP project. The MoveON solution is designed to support the changes introduced by the European Commission in Erasmus+ to help your institution connect with the Erasmus Network and we offer the following services to help you transition to EWP:

  • Mobility Strategic Review

We’ll do an overarching review of your existing mobility processes and procedures and how you use technology to support this.

  • Technical Review

This is a technical gap analysis that looks at your existing and future data needs and provides a report that would enable you to plan the resources, budget and time required to manage student information and then help you connect MoveON to the EWP Network.

  • Technical EWP Implementation

We will set up the connections with the EWP Network, test the process and ensure you are ready for EWP.

If you use another third-party mobility management solution
If you use another third-party solution, speak with the vendor to learn more about their involvement in EWP, their integrations and how they can help you to connect.

If you use an in house-built solution 
Prepare to connect your own solution to EWP with the available APIs – the documentation will be open source and available online. Ask your IT team for support to implement a connection with the EWP Network. There’s an abundance of guidance on the Competence Center designed specifically for IT Teams including useful resources, tutorial videos, presentations and other tools and material to support the transition to digital Erasmus+ management.

If you don’t have a mobility system
You can contact us to discuss how to go paperless. We can help you manage all your data, current workflows and processes to make the administration of Erasmus easier, quicker and more efficient.
Alternatively, you can register for the Erasmus Dashboard which provides you with basic functionality to manage the mobility processes of Erasmus+.

Further resources
If you want to learn more about Erasmus Without Paper and stay updated about the latest developments, visit the project website.
To prepare for EWP and make it happen, we’ve created a white paper.

To learn more, download your free copy of: Erasmus Without Paper: How to Make it Happen.

If you would like to know more about the MoveON partnership with EWP or if you have any other queries about how we can help you get ready for EWP please contact us.

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