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Blog Post Banner - Boosting Efficiency and Going Paperless

01 Aug Boosting Efficiency and Going Paperless


Université Laval International Office

Université Laval is North America’s first French-language university, based in the heart of Québec City, with first-rate teaching, and top-notch research. It is known throughout Canada for its international focus with acclaimed partners in over 73 countries.

In 1999, the Université Laval (‘UL’) took a resolutely international turn developing new global partnerships and collaborative initiatives. This strategy helped them to create a distinctive identity as a leader in international mobility, where they provide all kinds of opportunities for students to study or do internships abroad.

Keeping track more efficiently of international partnerships and mobilities

An International Office was created and is today, responsible for ensuring that the University’s internationalisation and globalisation strategies remain at the vanguard. It develops and oversees more than 500 agreements with renowned partners in over 73 countries. Every year, approximately 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students take advantage of mobility programmes to study on another continent or elsewhere in North America. And every year, UL welcomes nearly 5,600 international students and permanent residents from over 120 countries, of which 1200 are on exchange.

With mobility goals to be increased by 25%, it became necessary for the International Office to move away from a paper-based system of keeping track of international partnerships and mobilities. The International Office needed a modern method to collate, consolidate, collaborate and manage mobility activity from across the institution in one place, online. The solution also had to reduce administration and make processes more effective and efficient.

MoveON – a vital tool in the institution’s internationalisation strategy

MoveON was chosen and is today, a vital tool in the institution’s internationalisation strategy. Since adoption, it’s enabled the office to transform and significantly improve administrative processes, with the main advantage of now working paperless. Staff can easily edit and manage information on application forms about incoming and outgoing mobility choices.

Managing mobility options online, is creating a better experience for both students and staff. It has proven to reduce administration and manual errors, making processes more effective and efficient. Marie-Claude Tremblay, Coordinator, Student Exchanges and Agreements at Université Laval, explains, “Since we started using the MoveON solution we no longer photocopy applications or store physical student documents. It’s also eliminated manually entering data from paper applications. We no longer need to consult paper-based documents. We even removed two huge file cabinets from the office which has saved space!” The university has found that the time that is saved by staff and faculty means that they can focus on what matters most – the student.

Another real advantage they have discovered is the ability to record partner relations in one place, online in a purpose-built system. Where previously, they had multiple paper-based documents and files stored in one department, the MoveON has enabled them to better manage agreements, renewals and interactions. Mobility opportunities are a lot more accessible not only for students but faculty too, where information can be found and shared in an interactive way, in just a few clicks across the institution.

With rising student applications and new mobility programmes, the UL is now better placed to scale operations to support the growing administrative workload and adapt. Marie-Claude Tremblay says, “We can safely say that MoveON has transformed the International office. We now have more time to spend with students, and we believe that our internationalisation goal of increasing mobility by 25% can be attained.”

Watch this space for a new video featuring Marie-Claude Tremblay, Université Laval on their approach to mobility and partnership management, coming soon to

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