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25 Sep MoveON 3.0 Release: New Advanced Process Automation and Publisher Packages

Dear Customer,

As of MoveON Release 3.0, existing customers can acquire a set of additional product features, specifically the Advanced Process Automation and the Advanced Publisher.

Please find below a short description of these add-on packages:

Advanced Process Automation:

To take full advantage of the Advanced Process Automation capabilities, you need to subscribe to the Advanced Process Automation Add-On Package. This package will allow you to include custom fields in conditions and actions for entities – Relations, Key Persons & Stays – while creating rules.

In addition, the package further enables you to send notification to groups, including internal and external contacts, a feature that is currently unavailable with the basic package.

The combination of these capabilities in the new add-on package, helps the International Department’s staff to achieve very relevant and useful use cases, that positively contributes to more efficient processes, without requirement of much manual intervention and by automatically notifying the right people.

MoveON Release 3.0 Infographics_New Advanced Process

1. Enforcing custom signing / approval process of inter-institutional agreements
Custom fields can be used to define the custom processes appropriate for each institution. By applying process automation rules, you are then able to send notifications to the appropriate approvers, in case the status of the agreement has not yet been approved/signed. Furthermore, you can also ensure that the appropriate next level stakeholder is notified through an automatic email, therefore avoiding delays in the process due to a person’s inaction.

2. Email agreement (relations) with contacts about an impending expiry
The email agreement can be sent to internal or external contacts on an event relation that is about to expire or has already expired. The notifications can also be sent to a group of. Such a notification ensures an accurate status of the agreement records at all times.

3. Documentation check for a planned Stay
Institutions will be able to create custom fields that can be checked for submission of documents by students. Once these custom fields have been checked, a notification will be sent to both the student and coordinator, ensuring the documentation process for the student’s mobility is completely managed by the system. If your institution has a large number of mobilities per year, the time savings by such a checking feature will positively contribute to an increased efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes.

4. Email to group of student mobility application evaluators
Institutions will now be able to create user groups, containing the specific evaluators responsible for assessing student mobility applications with an international partner. This user group will then be notified when applications submitted by students are imported.

5. Create a task list for staff
Along with all the automated actions and notifications, institutions will be able to create tasks for their staff members on the event of particular conditions being met on four entities. Staff can now update on the progress of a specific task and all tasks can be monitored by an administrator or coordinator.

Advanced Publisher:

Institutions can now leverage the capabilities of the new Advanced Publisher Add-On Package to issue reports other than mobility opportunities reports for students and staff.
The new Publisher offers now the ability to create charts with data feed from the MoveON database. In addition, institutions will also be able to publish data captured in MS Excel or other similar tools directly on the Publisher tool as reports. Apart from charts, other content formats are now available for the International Department’s reporting requirements. Textual content using an editor and media, such as images, videos, among other content types, can be published in these reports.
The new Publisher essentially offers increased reporting capabilities, that helps to issue reports related to the internationalization efforts, such as the institution’s external relationships, student mobilities, among other requirements. The reports can now be accessed and controlled through a password and viewed in mobile friendly formats, such as smartphones or tablets, from anywhere in the world.

MoveON Release 3.0 Infographics_New Advanced Publisher

Some of the report examples that the institution can now publish are as follows:

1. Publish relationships on your institution’s website
Institutions can publish the list of international relationships in a chart/graphical format, as textual listing or in any other format. Such a report can be filtered based on specific geographies, such as a report for international relationships with Africa/China/Asia, or based on specific programs, such as joint-degrees, research programs, among other possibilities. Furthermore, the published reports can be accessed either by all stakeholders or only by a few pre-selected internal or exclusive stakeholders.

2. Create a report infrastructure for your International Office
The frequently asked or required information by the International Office can now be converted into reports and published exclusively for specific office members, accessible exclusively with a pre-defined password. This relieves other staff members from working on these reports on a regular basis. Moreover, the office members would consequently have up-to-date information, that is accessible at anytime from anywhere.

3. Publish a report for an event without the support from IT
Institutions are now able to publish a customized report page for a specific event. The event can be a celebration associated with the university or an annual celebration. The new Publisher allows institutions to publish internet accessible reports, without any help from Support or Technology teams.

You can avail assistance from our professional services on these packages in the form of training on these new functionalities, to help create automation rules and new publishers, at a discounted price for the next few months.
For more information on the Advanced Process Automation and the Advanced Publisher Add-On Packages, please contact the Account Management team on:

With Kind Regards,
QS Unisolution

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