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Best practice implementation, help and guidance to enable your institution to maximise the value of MoveON.

Our consulting services enable your institution to operate with more efficient workflows and processes to more effectively manage student mobilities, partnerships, and measure progress towards achieving international goals.


New Global Consulting Packages

Available February 2020


QSU offers distinct consulting packages that focus on different aspects of the workflows involved in managing international activities. As part of each package, our product experts meet with you to determine your needs and customisation requirements before proceeding with the implementation of the features specified in the package. Typically, this involves 4 to 6 hours of project management work.

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Why choose our consulting?

Get a personalised audit of your needs and requirements
Feel confident in the hands of our skilled, multilingual MoveON product experts
Receive personalised support throughout the implementation
Guaranteed to deliver improvements in workflows and processes

Managing International visits

Package 1

Managing international visits


Designed to help you manage your incoming international visits in MoveON.

Package includes:

  • Email templates to confirm submission, remind the international visitor to submit, send an invitation letter to a member of the delegation, send an email to get feedback on their stay.
  • A form for the international visitor to provide their information and its import
  • A form for your visitors to give feedback on their experience
  • A portal to provide access to both forms
  • An invitation letter document template
  • An advanced view to track your international visits
  • A workflow proposal to use the module


Package 2

Crisis management


This package will provide tools to support your knowledge and response when an international incident or crisis has occurred.

Package includes:

  • A form for the reporting of an incident
  • Import mapping of the form
  • Email templates with prepared statements and instructions in response
  • A form for follow up in response to the incident
  • Importing mapping for this form

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