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Join the QSU community

QSU provides a number of ways to give our community the opportunity to network, learn and share. We realise that sharing experiences, best practice and advice is often better peer to peer, bringing education communities together to develop and improve, helping us all to reach our collaborative potential.




Types of events


QS Unisolution attends several tradeshows throughout the year. It is a great place to make introductions to our team and learn more about our products and services. Look out for us in 2019.



QS Unisolution provides a number of online andĀ on-site training sessions for MoveON clients. Take a look at our plannedĀ schedule and click on event information for more details and to register.



In 2020 we will host a number of webinars to discuss the challenges and trends concerning the International and the Admissions Offices, as well as product demonstrations. View the list and click on register to take part.


MoveON Conference 2021

Each year MoveON hosts a user conference for the MoveON community. It is the perfect platform to network, learn and share best practices with over 200 MoveON experts and peers.


Events and Training

Email with event queries, to arrange a quote for product training for you or your organisation outside of the pre-arranged sessions listed.