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Blog Post Banner - How Higher Education is Embracing Technology Globally

09 Jul How Higher Education is Embracing Technology Globally

Edutech, or education technology, is transforming the higher education sector as university staff find new ways to innovate and improve.

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, from how we order food to how we commute and date, and the higher education sector is no exception.

In recent years, the higher education industry has seen a rapid rise in technology investment and adoption, thanks to a growing awareness of solutions and a need for innovation.

These advancements are allowing universities across the globe to dramatically increase efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of their processes.

So, how can your university keep up with these global shifts and embrace technology?

Addressing students’ needs for technology

Many universities are already providing technology tools for students, from online essay submission portals to live chat forums and receiving marks and feedback online.

This eases the workload for administrative staff, boosts student satisfaction, and allows teaching staff and students to have a more seamless dialogue without the pressure of office hours or face-to-face communication, which can be stressful for some students.

Leveraging technology for international partnerships 

University staff are moving away from traditional tools like Excel or Word when it comes to managing relationships and international partnerships.

It’s clear that these complex higher education processes need tailor-made systems that include specific embedded features.

Rather than trying to host a range of different data and points of contact in an Excel sheet, a software platform allows university staff to track and develop partnerships efficiently.

For example, the QS MoveON software system enables university staff to manage international mobility and all partner activities and updates in a single system.

Using technology for student recruitment 

One of the biggest areas where universities are seeing increased efficiencies is the student recruitment and admissions process.

Whether it’s digitization through online application forms and portals or online applications processing, savvy universities are utilizing technology to simplify and streamline the applications workflow.

These tools allow universities to better engage with prospective students, tracking and communicating with applicants in a single software platform.

The QS MoveIN platform does just that, empowering universities to automate and consolidate student recruitment processes and the entire application process.

If you’d like to learn more about how your university could transition to a completely online application process, contact the QS now.

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