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Blog Post Banner - How Universities can Improve Student Mobility and Pinpoint Preferred Destinations

28 Jun How Universities can Improve Student Mobility and Pinpoint Preferred Destinations




Want to encourage your students to make the most of study abroad opportunities? Here’s how. 

Higher education students are more mobile and independent than ever thanks to the wealth of international exchanges open to them today.  As globalization makes the world an increasingly smaller place, students are seamlessly studying in places that boast different languages, cultures, and customs.   But what would motivate your students to make the most of this opportunity, and what can your university do to nurture this? 

What benefits does study abroad offer students? 

Studying abroad for a semester or year on international exchange is a fantastic opportunity for any university student.   This experience helps them to become a global citizen, understand different cultures and customs, gain varied knowledge in their field of expertise, and allows them to see the world.   When studying in a country which speaks a different language, it also affords them the opportunity to learn a new language and practice in their day-to-day lives.  This opportunity also provides students with sought-after international experience, making them stand out when submitting job applications.  

What can your university do?  

To nurture and encourage this student mobility and its accompanying benefits, universities could provide support services, destination advice, and scholarships. 

If you run your university’s international office, you understand the importance of determining which partnerships are mutually beneficial and valuable, and where students should go to increase their knowledge in a particular fieldYou’ll want to consider which fields of study are the most popular for those students wishing to study abroad.  Then, you can identify the universities that excel in these fields of study and whether you have existing partnerships with them or not. 

For engineering and technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and ETH Zurich lead the pack. For business and management, Harvard University, INSEAD, and London Business School top the list. Feel free to use our QS World University Rankings by Subject to determine the universities you’d like to target for international partnerships. 


If you’re wondering how you’ll manage all of these new partnerships and opportunities, the QS MoveON software platform empowers universities to manage international mobility and partner activities and agreements in a single system.

Contact us today to learn more about how your university can streamline workflows and transform processes to maximize international partnerships and student mobility.

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