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06 Dec MoveON Conference 2019: Call for Proposals is now Open

We welcome applications for client speakers to present at the MoveON Annual Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam between the 13th-14th June 2019. The conference brings together approximately 250 members of the International Office from Higher Education institutions across the globe providing a platform to discuss how the MoveON technology can enhance the administrative and management processes related to international mobility and relations.

We are looking for lively, engaging and thought provoking workshop and step-by-step insight sessions that will leave the audience with new ideas, shared best practice and useful information, demonstrating the impact of the international department across the institution and beyond. Both existing MoveON clients and those with an interest in the development of international education may apply. Each session will last 2 hours.

All ideas are welcome, feel free to email if you have any queries in regards to proposing an idea.


In order to submit your proposal you must complete the form (below) by the 22nd March 2019.

All applications will be vetted by QS Unisolution.

Some points to consider;

  • Try to include, where possible, how the MoveON solutions have enabled you to achieve your goals – do you have targets to measure against?
  • When referring to a case study or success story, include details of your situation before, during and after your process change
  • Can you include interaction in your session e.g. Q&A, discussion, polls or debates?
  • Make evaluations, being able to quantify your achievements in values such as percentages, numbers or monetary value will give more impact to your story.
  • What is the impact of what you do? Look outside the international department.
  • Can you provide step-by-step guidance to your peers on how to achieve goals?
  • Do you use MoveON in a wider remit that your peers will find of interest?


If you have an idea for a session to present at this event you can apply by completing the form below. You can also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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