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Post Banner - MoveON launches eNominations to their global user base

25 Jul MoveON launches eNominations to their global user base

eNominations has been introduced to the MoveON users. The platform, designed to facilitate international student mobility and partner management, now allows international offices to nominate available seats electronically with other users.

Institutions using MoveON can now create eNominations for incoming and outgoing students. The new product feature is designed to help tackle the administrative workload for both students and staff, creating a smoother user and applicant experience.

Product Manager for MoveON, Daniel Fernandex said: “The introduction of eNominations to our userbase has been really well received, creating a better applicant and user experience. We also look forward to our future development and integration with Erasmus Without Papers (EWP).

Part of the eNomination process also covers communication, by means of simple or templated emails. Moving forward, eNominations will be available to non MoveON users, with the launch of MoveON Lite, which will respond to the needs to the Erasmus Without Papers (EWP) project due for completion by the end of the year.

If you would like to know more about eNominations, the MoveON partnership with EWP or if you have any other queries,  request a demonstration.

eNominations diagram
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