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The Challenge

Transform the international office

Higher Education is internationalising, institutions are competing on a global scale and the learner offering is diversifying. International mobility has the potential to add value to the education experience, enrich lives and give institutions competitive advantage. This is creating the need for more collaboration with education partners, to increase mobility opportunities across the globe.


With demand rising we ask, how will your international office cope with the growing trend? Will your institution be able to scale operations in order to support growing administrative workload, improve processes and maximise on resource required to support these changes? Are you ready to transform the international office?


The Solution

Mobilise Education with MoveON

International Mobility Management.

Collate, collaborate and manage mobility activity from across the institution in one place, online. Electronic processes make for a better experience for students and staff, reducing administration, making the international office more effective and efficient, creating more time to focus on what matters most – the student.


International Partnership Management.

Record your partner relations in one place, online in a purpose built CRM and better manage agreements, renewals and interactions that can be accessed across the organisation. Promote and nurture your international presence internal stakeholders and new potential partners and report on international relations to help achieve your internationalisation goals.

The MoveON System: Key Concepts

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MoveON Product cycle

Our MoveON Brochure

Read our product brochure in your preferred language below:

Our International Relations Management Brochure

Read our brochure on Education Technology Solutions for International Partnership and Relations Management.


Comprehensive, Flexible, Customisable


Publisher - Easily integrated with your website or intranet to publish partner information with an interactive world map to simplify navigation.

Portal - Online access to application forms, travel reports, mobility status, tracking and history.

Online forms - Automating the application process, allowing document attachments, mandatory fields and ability to save to complete at the users pace.

CRM capability - Designed to manage students, staff and partner relations data and supporting documentation. Partner institution data can be automatically uploaded from the MoveONnet database for the most accurate and up to date information.

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Dashboards - Create customisable views to manage daily workload and get at a glance information.

Communication tool – Communicate via email which is logged within the CRM environment. Message one to one or in bulk, create templates and attachment documents.

Finance management – Manage and allocate funding for students and staff.

Reporting - Exporting functionality to help collate and analyse data, report to leadership and agencies, including the Erasmus+ mobility Tool. The Import/export function allows for data exchange using standard formats, XML, CSV, XLS.

Technology and Integration

Leading software for internationalisation in education

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MoveON is a web based, SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, fully hosted by QS Unisolution. Meaning no client installation is required, accessible 24/7/365.

Having been assessed by Quality Services Ltd, we are proud to comply with ISO 27001 regulations, ensuring high standards are met and maintained. There are several integration options available in the MoveON packages, including, Single Sign On (SSO), email integration and an open API making MoveON easy to use in collaboration with other IT systems.



Don’t just take our word for it…

MoveON users have formed a strong community of over 300 institutions across the world, giving our clients the opportunity to network and partner with each other. Find out what our clients like most about MoveON, visit the insights page for more client case studies.

More Insights

What Next?

We have a team of MoveON experts waiting to consult with you in regards to your international activity challenges and requirements. Simply select on your preferred next action and we will be happy to assist.