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Manage your international relations and mobility applications more efficiently

Watch an instant product demo of MoveON software to see how your international office team can centralize all mobility activity in one place to support incoming and outgoing students, and track international relations with partner institutions


An Intuitive System that Automates and Streamlines Mobility and Partnership Management Processes and Enables your Team to Achieve the Institution’s Internationalization Goals.

MoveON is a data and insights-based SaaS platform for international offices of higher education institutions, invested in improving their mobility processes and tracking international partnerships more efficiently. We empower international and mobility teams to transform their student exchange journey and build strategic partnerships to achieve the institution’s internationalization goals. The software can be quickly deployed and is highly customizable, making it easier for the international office staff to update online portals, forms, dashboards or reports.

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4 Reasons to Adopt MoveON as Part of your Internationalization Strategy

Manage mobility programs digitally

Enable your staff to collate and consolidate all mobility activity in one place online to support increasing numbers of incoming and outgoing students. Empower teams to keep track of mobilities to save them time so they can focus on what matters most – the student.

Nurture partner relationships

Track all types of relationships from informal collaborations through to formalized partnership agreements. We offer a digital platform that helps you to scale operations and manage your growing number of partnerships and agreements globally.

Improve Reporting and Risk Management

Access to a single source of data can help your staff to measure progress towards realizing your institution’s internationalization goals. By keeping a record of incoming and outgoing mobilities, staff can locate and communicate with students in times of crisis.

Automate workflows for efficiency

Help your staff save time to focus on what really matters, supporting and helping international students throughout their mobility journey. Our tool makes it easy for international officers to automate repetitive administrative tasks.

How Can MoveON Help Your Institution?


Centralized and connected data

A single place to manage your global engagement.


Unify your data without needing to centralize the culture of your institution. Keep partners, activities, agreements, contacts and relationships linked in a coherent single system.

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Optimize your international engagement with data and insights

Know what works best, in which context, and prove it.


Take the guesswork out of providing high-level information on your university’s internationalization achievements.

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Scale your reach

Leverage the strengths of your staff, save time, and increase your capacity.


Minimize the time your staff spend on chasing, manipulating, transferring, and finding data. Free them to build programs, relationships and influence.

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Facilitate collaboration

Share your relationships and achievements with your community and the outside world.


Promote your institution’s strengths, and help your faculty leverage them. Market your international footprint.

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International mobility management

Increase efficiency and decrease risk. Go paperless.


Administer your mobility programs more easily. Grow student participation. Reduce risks associated with compliance and emergency management.

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Compliance with Erasmus Without Paper framework

Official technology partner of Erasmus Without Paper.


Erasmus Without Paper (‘EWP’) states that digitization will become obligatory for all European higher education institutions (HEIs) under the Erasmus+ program.

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Product Features to Power your Internationalization Strategy and
Increase your Global Footprint

+ Online Portal for Students and Staff

Online access to application forms, travel reports, mobility status, tracking, and history makes it easy for staff and students to update.

Online Portal
+ Mobility Management

Manage mobility processes with partner institutions’ and students’ approval processes online. Track and update information and execute actions in each form or in bulk.

Mobility Management
+ Partnership Management

Create a record for every relationship and every aspect of that relationship using the data that is relevant for your institution.

Partnership Management
+ Customizable Dashboards

Create customizable dashboards to manage daily workload and create relevant insights quickly and easily.

Customizable Dashboard
+ Customizable Forms

Automate partnership and mobility data through a variety of online channels using any kind of device, including mobile. This includes application processes from both students and faculties. This allows submission of documents as part of the application.

Customizable Form
+ Automation Capability

Use custom fields to define custom processes and apply process automation rules, triggering email-based notifications to groups including internal and external contacts.

Process Automation
+ Communication Tool

Communicate via email using customizable templates, in bulk, or one to one, and track it.

Communication Tool
+ Reporting Capability

Easily integrate our online reporting tool with your website or intranet to publish partner information in an interactive world map, chart, graphical format, or as a text listing using an editor and media, such as images and videos. Gain the ability to create formatted reports that can be published and accessed exclusively with a pre-defined password for specific internal office members.

Advanced Publisher

Join our International Community of over 300 Higher Education Institutions
committed to improving their Internationalization Initiatives



“MoveON has given us the tools to provide quantitative data on the productivity of our international partnerships and research and our student
exchange offices. It has taken the guesswork out of providing high-level information on our university's internationalization achievements and
has given us a powerful tool to benchmark our successes against a very ambitious overarching internationalization strategy.“

Megan Fulmes,International Information Specialist
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

“MoveON has helped us to maintain one version of the data which can easily be updated. We can now track partners, and
keep a record of incoming and outgoing mobility, which enhances the quality of our existing and future partnerships.
We are also in the middle of developing crisis management strategies, and MoveON will play a significant role as we
are collecting emergency contacts for the students and staff”.

Mette Brink Jensen, International Consultant, Partnerships and Mobility
University College of Northern Denmark

“With MoveON, reporting on different data sets is much easier. This is integral for ensuring we are meeting our goals.
Having student mobility easily broken down by stay opportunity, year, faculty, or several other parameters is great for
identifying trends and where we need to improve.”

Tyler Cantwell, International Partnerships Coordinator
Grant MacEwan University, Canada

“By choosing MoveON, we hope that it helps us to fulfil MAHE’s internationalization goals in achieving world class status,
from amongst the existing government and private institutions and new institutions from the private sector.”

Dr Raghu Radhakrishnan, Director, International Affairs and Collaborations
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India

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MoveON Software

MoveON Software

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What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

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Internationalization Topics

Internationalization Topics

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