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24 Jan New MoveON 4 Online Training Courses in 2017!

QS Unisolution is pleased to announce a brand new series of MoveON 4 online training courses coming in 2017.

In addition to the onsite training days and webex sessions currently available, this new low cost, self-paced online training option will provide our clients with more flexibility and control in creating their own personal training environment.

The English version of the MoveON 4 Beginners Online Training Course will be the first course to be released in early January 2017, followed by the French and German versions later in the month.

In addition to the beginners level training course, we will also offer 3 intermediate and 3 advanced level online courses, each covering its own specific topic. These courses will also be available in English, German and French as of late Spring 2017.

Each course is organized in modules and units and contains multimedia content and tests to add to the learning effect. Upon successful completion of the beginners course, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion making them eligible to register for one or more of the intermediate level trainings. Official Certificates of Completion will also be awarded for successful completion of intermediate courses, allowing participants to progress to the advanced level courses.

We are looking forward to exploring this new training path together with you in 2017.

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