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The MoveON 4 Advanced Online Training Courses

There are 2 advanced level MoveON online training courses available. Participants of these courses must first have successfully completed the MoveON 4 Beginners Training Course and should have a good understanding of MoveON. The “MoveON 4 Customisation” course is targeted at MoveON administrators, i.e. the person(s) in charge of configuring MoveON to suit the institution’s individual requirements. The “MoveON 4 Online Services” course is suited for those working with and configuring the Online Services in MoveON including the Online Forms, Portal and Publishers.


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MoveON 4 Online Services

During this online course you will gain a comprehensive overview of the Online Services available with MoveON. These services consist of the Online Forms, Portals and Publishers, all of which can be integrated into your institution’s website and allow you to communicate with students and partners across the globe. Learn how to set up and use these tools and make the most of their potential for your institution.

MoveON 4 Customisation

Learn about all the possibilities available to help customise MoveON to suit your institution’s specific needs. Some of the features covered in this course include the reference tables, custom fields, lists and sections, email integration and API interfacing. Find out how to configure and use these options and make the most of their potential for your institution.

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