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The MoveON 4 Intermediate Online Training Course

Participants of this course must first have successfully completed the MoveON 4 Beginners Training Course and should have a good understanding of MoveON and the relation/finance/mobility management processes in the International Office. There will be three intermediate level courses in total covering “Finance Management”, “Relations Management” and “Mobility Management”. The “Mobility Management” course will be available in Autumn 2019.


Sign up for the MoveON 4 Intermediate Level Online Training Courses below. Your account manager will then be in touch with you with further details.


The online courses for intermediate users are available in English, French and German.

MoveON 4 Finance Management

This online course provides you with be introduced to the financial management terms and concepts in MoveON. During the course you will  learn how to create and manage fundings, grants and payments, prepare and check your data for financial reporting such as the Mobility Tool and how to use advanced communication features to create email and document templates.

MoveON 4 Relations Management

During this online course you will gain a comprehensive overview of how international relations can be managed in MoveON. Learn how to record all your international relations and better manage agreements, renewals and interactions with partners. Here you will also learn how to report on your international activities and share the information across your organisation.

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