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3D illustration of people on the map, representing the country's demography.


3D illustration of people on the map, representing the country's demography.

George Washington University, University of California, Berkeley, École Polytechnique, Texas State University and Lehigh University are among the latest North American institutions to join MoveON’s international user community.

Users from this region face similar challenges when it comes to managing international activity across their institutions. Information is often kept in silos, limiting visibility into the breadth and depth of the university’s international engagement. In such an environment, international affairs offices have a hard time engaging faculty and measuring progress towards internationalization objectives. Lehigh University recently tackled this problem.

We spoke to Stacy L. Burger, Director of Global Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives in Lehigh’s Office of International Affairs, currently in the implementation phase, who said:

“We started out by creating our own internal database and soon discovered that it was not able to capture all that we wanted or needed. After exploring several software options, we decided MoveON would meet all our needs for relationship management.

“It is sophisticated in its data reporting, intuitive for the less tech-savvy user and the display of the publisher is a great way of enticing our own faculty to share with us their international activities. We have already started taking what we have so far on a ‘roadshow’ around campus to inform both staff and faculty about what MoveON can do for them.”

In response to the recent increase in clients in North America, QS Unisolution is investing in more dedicated support resource and user community groups to ensure client success throughout the region.

QS Unisolution’s Head of Global Client Success, Olivier Tane, said: “This is an exciting time for MoveON and the North American user community. The peer-to-peer network is something extremely valuable to users and the growth will impact the knowledge and successful outcomes of users in the region. We are delighted to announce that we have recently recruited a Wisconsin-based project manager and frontline support provider who from July 2018 provides support to users within this region”.

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