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Blog Post Banner - Using MoveON to Foster a ‘Global Mindset'

22 Jun Using MoveON to Foster a ‘Global Mindset’

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The University College of Northern Denmark (‘UCN’) can be found in three cities, Hjørring, Thisted and Aalborg, and currently has about around 10,000 students, 1,300 of which are international students. The institution has a profile as one of Denmark’s leading international university colleges and, like many others, is in the process of implementing a strategy to promote internationalisation.

Faced with intensifying the mobility of students and staff and the need to prepare students for the global workplace, UCN’s internationalisation strategy clearly articulates a drive to facilitate a ‘global mindset’ amongst all their staff and students. To embed a ‘global mindset’, UCN have acknowledged that internationalisation can only be achieved through a combined effort across the whole of the institution. To drive success, the University college want both students and staff to be part of a more collaborative approach so that they can see all the international opportunities available to them. In response, UCN have set in place initiatives to create awareness of all mobility programmes institution-wide.

An innovative, move forward

To establish this ‘global mindset’, significant structural changes have been made affecting both the entire student cohort as well as their lecturers. One such initiative was to find a more reliable solution to enable students and staff to search online for international partner institutions around the world. Previously, the information about the partnerships was stored on individual spreadsheets which were difficult for students to access, the data was not always accurate, and students weren’t able to see all the opportunities available to them.

Using MoveON to improve awareness of mobility programmes across the university

UCN partnered with QS Unisolution to implement their fully cloud-based mobility management platform, MoveON. The MoveON solution is a portal that helps students and staff to search across all of their global partnerships. The aim is that, by providing visibility of the partnerships for students and staff, it will help create awareness and develop stronger links between departments of partner institutions. Mette Brink Jensen, International Consultant, Partnerships and Mobility explains, “MoveON has enabled us to put all of our partnerships into an online portal, which will make it easier to discover all of our international mobility programmes. It’s a major step for UCN to centralise all of the data regarding mobility and store it in one place.”

Enhancing the quality of existing and future partnerships

The benefits of moving to an online system have made the effort more than worthwhile. In addition to increased awareness of mobility programmes, the centralisation of information has made it easier and more accessible to obtain relevant data for reporting and strategic decision-making. As there is a need to report to public authorities, the data must be correct. Mette says, “Previously we used individual excel spreadsheets to record all the international partnerships, which was error-prone, often contained out of date information and was stored in separate places. MoveON has helped us to maintain one version of the data which can easily be updated. Furthermore, we can now track partners, and keep a record of incoming and outgoing mobility, which enhances the quality of our existing and future partnerships.”

Creating productivity and efficiency gains in administrative procedures

For UCN, the gains from going to a centralised online portal are clear and plentiful. Jane Jacobsen, International Consultant Administration and Mobility says, “The shift has led to significant improvements in the awareness of mobility programmes – which is imperative in driving internationalization across the University college. At the same time, it’s also created productivity and efficiency gains in administrative procedures as we can more easily manage and process data, grants and partnerships.” Furthermore, another benefit is that UCN can easily locate the whereabouts of students, which today is an important part of their crisis management strategy. Jane concludes, “Currently, we are in the midst of developing crisis management strategies, and MoveON will play a significant role as we are collecting emergency contacts for the students and UCN staff”.

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